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Music Library: John Fahey, Fairport Convention, The Fall, Charlie Feathers, feedtime, Feelies, Morton Feldman, Felt, Fennesz, Fierce and the Dead, Flamin' Groovies, Flaming Lips, Flat Duo Jets


More catch-up albums. Artists may have been reviewed before - The Mgmt.

John Fahey - Death Chants, Breakdowns & Military Waltzes (1963), The Great San Bernadino Birthday Party (1966), The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick: Live at The Matrix San Francisco, California 1968/1969, The Voice Of The Turtle (1968), City Of Refuge (1997), The Mill Pond 7" (1997), Hitomi (2000). Everything Fahey recorded in the 60s was incredible. The later stuff, while it usually ranks high with me, in these cases failed to connect with me.

Fairport Convention - Live At The BBC (compilation, 1968-74). You can hear Fairport work out their issues and become a monster of a band and then fall apart over the course of these four discs. Exciting stuff.

The Fall - Ersatz GB (2011) and Re-Mit (2013). Mark E. has started dissing the former already, but I thought it was pretty damn kicking. The new one, though, tears the damn roof off.

Charlie Feathers - His Complete King Recordings (compilation 1956-57). Four fast and furious rockabilly singles and b-sides.

feedtime - The Aberrant Years (compilation, 1985-89). Four albums from the oddly influential Aussie band.

The Feelies - Live in Germany: Hunky Dory, July 7 1988July 1, 2008 Live At Maxwell's 2nd SetJuly 4, 2008 Live At Battery Park, and Here Before (2011). The three bootlegs suffer from poor sound quality. The new studio album is quite pleasant, although not up to the heights of the first round of Feelies albums.

Morton Feldman - The Rothko Chapel (SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart, 2002) and For Bunita Marcus (Stephane Ginsburgh, 2006). Excellent versions of quietly moving music by the minimalist composer.

Felt - Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty (1981), The Splendour Of Fear (1984), The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories (1984), Ignite The Seven Cannons (1985), Forever Breathes The Lonely Word (1986), and The Pictorial Jackson Review (1988). A major influence on Belle and Sebastian. Although it seems that they will be overwhelmingly precious, Felt keeps things quite interesting. Lots of keyboard and clean guitar pop. Surprisingly, lots of instrumentals, too.

Fennesz - Endless Summer (2001), Venice (2004), and Black Sea (2008). Fascinating glips-and-gloops artist. Best with headphones so that you can appreciate all the textures.

The Fierce and the Dead - On VHS (2012). Post-rock band that I like more when they have song structures in mind. Their first album had lots of meandering jams. This one has focus, and it rocks.

The Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action (1976). Such an essential power pop album.

The Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics (2006) and The Terror (2013). I like the new one more than I've liked any Flaming Lips album in the last decade.

Flat Duo Jets - Flat Duo Jets (1990), Safari (1993), White Trees (1993), and Red Tango (1996). This is a band I've loved for a long time and used to go see often back in the day. I think Safari and Red Tango are among their best albums.


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