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Music Library: High Fidelics, High On Fire, Hindu Love Gods, Hiss Golden Messenger, Holy Modal Rounders, Homosexuals, John Lee Hooker, Hookworms, Horseback

The Homosexuals

As in the last 300-odd posts, I'm catching up here, so some of these artists have been reviewed before. However, I am too lazy to look up the links. Because of the daunting size of my backlog, I'm keeping these brief.

The High Fidelics - The High Fidelics (2011). Instrumental surf-ish rock from some awesome Alabama folks.

High On Fire - Death Is This Communion (2007). As fantastic as their other albums.

Hindu Love Gods - Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight 7" (1986) and Hindu Love Gods (1990). This is that band with Zevon and Peter Buck who covered "Raspberry Parade" with such aplomb.

Hiss Golden Messenger - Bad Debt (2010). Since Will Oldham is making all kinds of different music these days, this guy has stepped in with a serious thing for Days In The Wake.

Holy Modal Rounders - The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders (1969). I listen to a lot of psychedelic music, but this one may be the most psychedelic thing ever recorded.

The Homosexuals - Astral Glamour (compilation, 1978-2006), Love Guns? (2008), Important If True (2010). One of the most underground of underground bands, the Homosexuals hardly ever played out and spent most of their time recording in their friend's basement. Which is why the most surprising thing about the comprehensive 3-disc Astral Glamour isn't that it is great, but that it exists. But it is great and, surprisingly, the Homosexuals reformed and have been making music together again. All in all, this seems less a band than some sort of morality tale.

John Lee Hooker - Alternative Boogie: Early Studio Recordings 1948-52. As much as I like Hooker, I wish that the Hooker on this set had been a bit more confident.

Hookworms - Hookworms EP (2011) and Pearl Mystic (2013). Heavy psych with miles of echo and tape loops? Why, yes, please! This guys are a recent discovery, but I am a fan for life.

Horseback - The Invisible Mountain (2009). Drone metal somewhat in the style of Earth. Excellent stuff.


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