Friday, July 12, 2013

Music Library: Che Arthur Three, Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Modern Lovers, Motörhead, Bob Mould, Mountain Goats

Bob Mould

Continuing with the catch-up portion of these posts.

The Che Arthur Three - Like Revenge (2009). Somehow didn't get this album in the queue at the right time. Anyway, this album is wonderful. Arthur continues to mine his inner Bob Mould, but he has a sense of drama and love of intricate guitar work more like Harvey Milk.

The Minutemen - Live In George's Shed In San Pedro (as The Reactionaries, 1979). Not really the Minutemen, this is a bootleg of d., Mike, and George's pre-MM band with Martin Tamburovich on lead vocals. It sounds like the work of some guys trying to turn their band into something completely new, but who aren't quite there yet.

Mission of Burma - Unsound (2012). Continuing MoB's post-reformation string of solid B+ albums, Unsound is a strong collection of songs with occasional moments that break out and dig into your skin.

The Modern Lovers - Songs of Rememberance (bootleg compilation, 1970-1972). A bunch of demos, including the Modern Lovers' tracks with John Cale and with Kim Fowley, and a handful of live tracks. It is not terrible, but not great, either.

Motörhead - No Remorse (compilation, 1977-1984). Excellent. Tracks selected by Lemmy himself.

Bob Mould - Silver Age (2012). I've gone from "this is far better than it has any right to be" to "this is up there with Bob's best solo albums." Bob's band with Jon Wurster is supertight, too.

The Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck (2011). I like the version of the Mountain Goats built on Jon Wurster's drums. This one is as great as most of Darnielle's recent work. Arriving here reminds me that I have yet to pick up the Mountain Goats album from last year, but I will remedy that soon. Also of note: Jon Wurster plays on half of all albums that I like.


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