Monday, June 24, 2013

Music Library: Qa'a, Quadrajets, Quasi, Queen, Queens of the Stone Age


Qa'a - Chi'en (2009). A Spanish band very much in the vein of Godspeed You! Black Emperor with a more pronounced krautrock influence. I don't much care for their vocals, but most everything else is quite alright by me.

The Quadrajets - If The Good Lord's Willin' And The Creek Don't Rise (1993), Dixie Speedway 7" (1995), Let's Go To Outer Space 7" (1995), Queen of the Twist 7" (1995), When I Lay My Burden Down (1995), Alabama Hip Shake (1996), A Little More Speed (1997), The Real Fucked Up Blues EP (1997), 61 Blues 7" (1997), Pay The Deuce (1998), The Hellacopters And The Quadrajets 7" (1999), My Car, My Starship 7" (1999), When The World's On Fire (2000). Freakin' excellent country- and blues-influenced punk rock from Auburn, AL.

Quasi - The Sword Of God (2001). Featuring Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag on drums and vocals and her ex-husband Sam Coomes on organ and vocals, Quasi has a kaleidoscope pop vibe not too far removed from organ-driven tracks by the Beatles or ELO. Interesting stuff, but it's never spurred me to seek out more.

Queen - Queen's Greatest Hits (compilation, 1974-80). Before I had kids, it never occurred to me that Queen is pretty much the ultimate in bubblegum kids' music. But now it seems obvious: the bombast, the silliness, the simplicity of the lyrics. Music for children.

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf (2002). Pretty good rock music, but I don't see why people went apeshit crazy over this.


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