Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Music Library: Pelican, Pell Mell, Pelt, Pentagram, Pentangle, Percy Sledge, Pere Ubu, Perfume Azul do Sol, Carl Perkins, Pernice Brothers, Persona, Pet Shop Boys

Pere Ubu

Pelican - Pelican EP (2001), Australasia (2003), The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw (2005), March Into The Sea EP (2005), City of Echoes (2007), Pink Mammoth EP (2007), Split (with These Arms Are Snakes, 2008), Ephemeral EP (2009), What We All Come To Need (2009), Ataraxia/Taraxis (2012). Instrumental metal that recalls what King Crimson could do if they had dropped the sappy love songs. As the number of albums I have attests, I love this band.

Pell Mell - Bumper Crop (1987) and Interstate (1995). Instrumental indie rock with surf-like overtones.

Pelt - Max Meadows (1997), Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky (1999), Técheöd (2000), Ayahuasca (2001), Pearls From The River (2003), Skullfuck (Bestio Tergum Degero) (2005), Untitled (2005), Dauphin Elegies (2008). Mostly instrumental avant-folk from the late Jack Rose. What happens when the old, weird Americana meets the new, weird Americana.

Pentagram - "When The Screams Come." Pretty awesome mid-70s hard rock. And the trogdor comes in the niiiiight!

Pentangle - The Pentangle (1968), Sweet Child (1968), Basket of Light (1969), Cruel Sister (1970), Reflection (1971), Solomon's Seal (1972), A Maid That's Deep In Love (compilation, released 1989), Light Flight: The Anthology (compilation, released 2001), On Air (BBC Sessions 1969-70). Fantastic Brit-folk band led by guitarists John Renbourn and Bert Jansch. Jazzy, groovy, and with interlocking guitars that would later influence Television. Bassist Danny Thompson would later collaborate with Richard "No Relation" Thompson.

Percy Sledge - The Ultimate Collection: When A Man Loves A Woman (rel. 1966-70). Buncha Staxy singles.

Pere Ubu - The Shape of Things (live 1976), Ubu Unchained (half Ubu/half Rocket From The Tombs, recorded live 1975-76), Terminal Tower (1975-81), The Modern Dance (1978), Dub Housing (1978), New Picnic Time (1979). Early Pere Ubu is so freakin' awesome.

Perfume Azul do Sol - Nascimento (1974). More garage-y tropicalia.

Carl Perkins - Original Sun Greatest Hits (1955-58). This is why some folk say Perkins is better than Elvis.

The Pernice Brothers - EP (2000), My Own Personal Psychic EP (2001), Australia 2002 EP (2003), Yours, Mine and Ours (2003). More poppy than Joe Pernice's previous outfit the Scud Mountain Boys and quite good, if not great.

Persona - Som (1975). Even more tropicalia.

Pet Shop Boys - Les Garcons de Boutique des Animals Favoris (mix by Gary Mairs). My pal Gary couldn't believe that I didn't care for the Pet Shop Boys, so he made this mix some ten years back to change my mind. It's good. I like it. Not what I'm going to listen to every day, but I'm glad to appreciate the band now.


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