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Music Library: Dosh, Dr. John, Drive-By Truckers, Dungen, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Dvorak, Dylan, Earth, electric eels, Electric Wizard, Eleventh Dream Day, Elf Power, Duke Ellington, Eluvium

electric eels

As with the last few posts, these are catching up. Some of these artists are covered in more length elsewhere.

Dosh - The Lost Take (2006). I liked the previous Dosh album I wrote about more than this, but this one is okay, too. Lots of keyboard construction and interesting rhythms.

Dr. John - Remedies (1970) and The Sun, Moon and Herbs (1972). More brilliant stuff from his voodoo king days, although he's definitely transitioning into his New Orleans Institution role by this time.

Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day (2003) and Live From Austin TX (2009). I go back and forth on the DBTs, but these are both pretty great.

Dungen - Tio Bitar (2007). Maybe the best release from the Swedish band.

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Pour Le Octaves (2010). More big, round, long tones from the minimalist composer.

Dvorak - Symphony #9 (Georg Solti and Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 1984). I like this okay, I suppose, but it's difficult to be too passionate about it.

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan In Concert-Brandeis University (1963), Live At Carnegie Hall 1963, The Witmark Demos 1962-64, Self-Portrait (1970), Dylan (1973), Hard Rain (1976), Street Legal (1978), Slow Train Coming (1979), Shot Of Love (1981), Empire Burlesque (1985), Knocked Out Loaded (1986), Under The Red Sky (1990), Christmas In The Heart (2009), Tempest (2012), Miscellany 1-11. Having covered most of Dylan's excellent albums elsewhere, this catches me up on most of the shitty Dylan. Good: the albums from his superfolky days in the early 60s, Dylan, Slow Train Coming, and the eleven collections of odds and ends that I found on the Internet. Lousy: Self-PortraitHard RainStreet LegalShot Of LoveEmpire BurlesqueKnocked Out LoadedUnder The Red SkyChristmas In The Heart. Great: Tempest. The man's having another golden age.

Earth - Live Europe 2006, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light (2011), Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II (2012). The live album is okay, but Earth is at their best in the studio. The two Angels of Darkness albums add textures with cello and electronics. Both are powerful, moving albums.

electric eels - The Eyeball of Hell (1975). A collection of tracks from the seminal Cleveland punk band.  Creative anti-everything music.

Electric Wizard - Electric Wizard (1995), Let Us Prey (2002), and Black Masses (2010). The Electric Wizard concept is so simple and straightforward -- heavy Sabbath-style doom metal -- that these releases are all equally awesome and sound roughly contemporary, despite the 15 years and near-complete lineup change between the earliest and latest.

Eleventh Dream Day - Eighth (1997). Excellent psychedelic mid-90s indie-rock, sometimes Neil Young, sometimes Neu!.

Elf Power - The Winter Is Coming (2000). You know nothing, Jon Snow (by which I mean that this is a fantastic psych-folk masterpiece by the most unjustly overlooked band from the Elephant Six collective).

Duke Ellington - Black, Brown, and Beige (1958). Ellington's symphony featuring Mahalia Jackson. Every word of that description says how amazing it is.

Eluvium - An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death (2004) and Similes (2010). Well-meaning ambient music.


William 10:57 AM, July 03, 2013  

Hi Hayden, I'm enjoying your ongoing progress thru your music library. I wanted to urge you to give Self Portrait another listen preferably on vinyl where it will be broken up in sides. It's a really great Dylan album that has suffered under the weight of Greil Marcus's bullshit review cause he had his feeling hurt that Dylan liked sentimental songs, female voices and disliked the counter culture. Some of his finest singing is on that record and it really does give a lot of clues to his background. Check out especially Alberta #1, Belle Isle, Living the Blues, and Minstrel Boy. The opener, All the Tired Horses, is a tranced out favorite of mine. Wm

Hayden Childs 12:08 AM, July 04, 2013  

Your endorsement is plenty to convince me to give it another shot. Nice to hear from you!

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