Friday, June 28, 2013

Music Library: Deerhunter, Delicate Cutters, Descendents, Devin The Dude, Bo Diddley, Dinosaur Jr, Dirty Three, Dismemberment Plan, DJ Shadow, DOOM


More catch-up from bands I originally covered back when people read blogs and sabertooth tigers roamed the lands.

Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange (2009) and Halcyon Digest (2010). More psychedelic indie-rock beauty from Bradford Cox and co. Cryptograms is still my favorite, but Halcyon Digest is a close second.

Delicate Cutters - Ring (2012). Not bad, but not my thing at all. Their music tries very hard to please, and the unwillingness to risk anything ends up sinking the interesting subject matter. On the other hand, this kind of acoustic, radio-friendly faux-indie music is much beloved of many people, and this band may go far.

The Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up (1985), Enjoy! (1986), All (1987), and Liveage! (1987). I've heard these albums a million times, but had not owned them since I went digital, so this is filling in holes from old beloved bands.

Devin The Dude - Just Tryin' Ta Live (2002). Love this guy's flow.

Bo Diddley - His Best (compilation, 1955-66). He's a gunslinger, if you were unaware.

Dinosaur Jr - Chocomel Daze (1987), Fossils EP (compilation 1987-89), and I Bet On Sky (2012). The former is a recently-released live album of Dinosaur Jr back in the day. Freakin' rocks. The EP collects three singles that the band originally released on SST. Freakin' rocks. The latter is their album from last year, the third since the band reformed and proved that old guys can rock just as hard as they did a quarter-center prior. Freakin' rocks.

Dirty Three - Sharks EP (1998) and A Strange Holiday EP (2003). I still have yet to pick up this band's reformation album from last year. But in the meantime, these EPs sure made me happy.

The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency and I (1999). An interesting album. I didn't hear it until recently so I don't have the history that some people apparently have with it, but I like its willingness to confound expectations.

The Distant Seconds - Echo Lab Demos 2010. These are great. Still waiting on the next Distant Seconds release!

DJ Shadow - The Private Press (2002). It's no Endtroducing..., but it's interesting.

DOOM - Presents Unexpected Guests (2009) and Gazillion Ear EP (2010). The former is a compilation album of MF Doom collaborations and the latter an EP of remixes of the title song. Both good, neither essential parts of Doom's discography.


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