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Music Library: Chrome, Clean, Clinic, Cluster, Cohen, Coltrane, Comets On Fire, Compton's Most Wanted, Arthur Conley, Connells, Cosmos, Elvis Costello, Crazy Horse, David Cross, Cryptacize

Danny Whitten of Crazy Horse

Many of these have been reviewed before, but we are playing catch-up, so here goes.

Chrome - Alien Soundtracks (1977), Half Machine Lip Moves (1979), and Blood On The Moon (1981). I had Red Exposure before, but these three pick up most of the rest of the Helios Creed/Damon Edge period. Freakin' awesome stuff, especially Alien Soundtracks.

The Clean - Odditties (1982), Live Dead Clean (1986), In-A-Live EP (1989), Vehicle (1990), Unknown Country (1996). Geez, The Clean is the greatest. Vehicle is the strongest of these, but all of these are fantastic.

Clinic - Walking With Thee (2002). Kick-ass organ-driven UK garage rock.

Cluster - Cluster 71 (1971), Sowiesoso (1976), Grosses Wasser (1979). As much as I love Zuckerzeit, I think I like the latter two of these more.

Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room (1969), New Skin For The Old Ceremony (1974), Recent Songs (1979). More from Laughin' Lenny. I prefer his 1960s output to the later stuff.

John Coltrane - Coltrane (Prestige) (1957), Bags and Trane (1959), Olé Coltrane (1961), Ballads (1962), Coltrane (Impulse) (1962), Sun Ship (1965), Expression (1967). It's Coltrane. All of these are brilliant in their own way. My favorite of these is, unexpectedly, Olé Coltrane.

Comets On Fire - Comets On Fire (2001). The first and least of the Comets On Fire albums.

Compton's Most Wanted - It's A Compton Thang (1990) and Music To Driveby (1992). Kickin' it old school.

Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music (1967). As advertised.

The Connells - Boylan Heights (1987) and One Simple Thing (1990). Folky indie rock band from Raleigh. I used to like them more than I do now, but they're ok by me.

Cosmos - Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks (2009). This is a collaboration between Bob Pollard and Richard Davies, two of my favorites, and I wish I loved it more, but their styles simply don't meld well. I mean, it's perfectly competent and some of the songs are even great, but the whole is not quite the sum of the parts.

Elvis Costello - Punch The Clock (1983), Blood and Chocolate (1986), and Spike (1989). Filling in some holes in my collection.

Crazy Horse - Crazy Horse (1971). Neil Young's collaborators out on their own. As you might guess, it is AWESOME.

David Cross - Shut Up You Fucking Baby! (2002). Geez, David. Give it a rest.

Cryptacize - Dig That Treasure (2007). Quite good indie-rock band featuring Chris Cohen, who used to be in Deerhoof. They have some Deerhoof and Danielson influences.


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