Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music Library: David Kilgour, David Olney, David S. Ware, David Tudor, Dawn Landes, Daylighters, db's, De La Soul

Sorry for the delay. It took a little while to get back into the music library groove after taking a vacation last week. Also, after hearing so many positive things about Wesley Willis, I intend to give the man's work another shot. So, back to the Ds:

David Kilgour - Here Come The Cars and Frozen Orange. Kilgour is the frontman of The Clean, and the former is his first post-Clean solo album from 1991. The latter is an album from 2004 (which would be post-Clean reformation) with Lambchop backing him up. Both are freakin' exquisite, further proof that Kilgour is one of the great songwriters of his generation.

David Olney - High, Wide, and Lonesome. Decent Americana songwriter.

David S. Ware - Wisdom of Uncertainty, Surrendered, and The Freedom Suite. Transcendence! Skronk! Transcendence! Ware is a saxophonist with one foot firmly placed into Coltrane's last blast of music with his quartet, which produced some of the best music of the 20th century. Obviously Sonny Rollins is an influence, too (as seen in his album-length cover of Rollins' The Freedom Suite), but the avant-garde also plays a big part in Ware's sound. Awesome.

David Tudor - Stockhausen: Klavierstucke (Piano Pieces). Tudor is, of course, a name I usually associate with John Cage, but it's fun to listen to him bang out the atonal Stockhausen music. I sorta wish I'd paired this with Cecil Taylor.

Dawn Landes - "Young Folks." A folky cover of the Peter Paul & Bjorn hit.

The Daylighters - "Mad House Jump." Psychobilly!

The db's - Stands For Decibels, Repercussion, and Christmas Time Again. Seminal Southern-fried power pop that takes a page and a half from Big Star and another half-page from Stiff Records.

De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising. Ah, the old school. One of my favorite schools.


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