Monday, June 08, 2009

Music Library: Danny Elfman, Danny Thompson, Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, Darling New Neighbors, Darling Violetta, Das Damen, Datsuns

Danny Elfman - "This Is Halloween." From The Nightmare Before Christmas, natch.

Danny Thompson - "Dargai." I became aware of Danny Thompson from The Pentangle and from his work as a part of Richard Thompson's band (no relation). I later noticed that he'd played with every British folk figure since the 60s, including John Martyn, Nick Drake, and many others, even T. Rex. I'd heard his jazz band Whatever on the collaboration album he made with Richard Thompson, Industry. And I saw on eMusic that he'd recorded this track, an instrumental Scottish dirge that RT originally appended to "Dimming of the Day" on Pour Down Like Silver. And it's okay. I should get the rest of this album, at the very least.

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Infernal Machines. Argue's an acquaintance, so take that for whatever caveat you need. His big band album, which I wrote about here recently, is aces.

Darling New Neighbors - Darling New Neighbors and Every Day Is Saturday Night. DNN leader Elizabeth Jackson is a friend, and she makes loopy, literate, and fun alt-country with a healthy dose of funkiness. Good stuff.

Darling Violetta - "Angel Theme." Yes, I am a nerd.

Das Damen - Das Damen, Jupiter Eye, Triskaidekaphobe, and Marshmellow Conspiracy EP. Psychedelic SST band that later found work backing Arthur Lee in one of the later versions of Love. The first three albums are often great psych-rock that is not too unlike the work of The Screaming Trees. The last EP was their make-or-break moment (which unfortunately tended to the latter). As a response to Michael Jackson buying the Beatles catalog in the 80s, the last track on this EP is a straight-up cover of "Magical Mystery Tour" titled here "Song For Michael Jackson To $ell" and credited to the members of the band. Chutzpah!

The Datsuns - Sampler. Kinda unoriginal punk stuff. This was a freebie that I've never really liked but never hated enough to delete, either.


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