Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Music Library: D. Boon, Daft Punk, Dale Hawkins, Dale Watson, Damião Experiença, Damien Youth, Damned, Damon & Naomi

June is brought to you by the letter D! This is also the point at which I cannot conceive having anything interesting to say ever again! This is letter 4 of 26, meaning that I will tell the same jokes at least 22 more times.

D. Boon - "Vietnam," "Themselves," "My Part." Mr. Dennes Boon, taken from us far too early, playing some of his songs alone on an acoustic guitar.

Daft Punk - Homework and Discovery. See, this I like. Much more than the Chemical Brothers, at least. It has all of these little moving parts, but, like Rube Goldberg-designed clockwork or analog robots banged together from toasters and theremins, you can appreciate the logic and enjoy the wit behind it all without having to give up oscillating your metallic groove thing.

Dale Hawkins - "Suzie Q." Yep, indeed. With future guitar god James Burton on guitar.

Dale Watson - "Hot Texas Christmas Day" and "Silver Bells." Hard to feel these in June. Man's got twang, though.

Damião Experiença - Planeta Lamma. In the words of the WFMU blog, Damião Experiença "may be the Brazilian musical equivalent to Little Howlin' Wolf, or even Jandek." That seems to be the best way to describe this odd mix of tribal drumming, screechy harmonica, wailing made-up language, and randomly played guitar that might be blues, might be bossanova, and might be someone just hitting notes at random. Ganked from a Brazilian Nuggets blog.

Damien Youth - "Traveling." Dunno where this came from. Probably a free download from eMusic. New Orleans-based pop songwriter. Not too bad.

The Damned - Damned Damned Damned and Smash It Up: The Damned Anthology. Damned good and damned fine, although I love them so much more in their early career.

Damon & Naomi - With Ghost. I love me some Michio Kurihara, but I'm not that familiar with Ghost's output. And I haven't listened to very many of Damon & Naomi's post-Galaxie 500 albums. This is a lovely album, a little trippy and very sweet, but it alone hasn't pushed me to seek out more.


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