Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Venture Brothers With 100% Less Hatred

Fantastic episode of the Venture Brothers this week! I've been waiting all season to say that. But the previous episodes have been filled with the oxygen-suckage of Sgt. Hatred, a one-note character who I could not be happier to see gone. Note to Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer: there's nothing funny about pedophilia, sorry. Your constant attempt to humanize it with Hatred plays somewhere between the dull provocateurishness of South Park and the dull provocateurishness of Todd Solondz, and dull provocateurishness is beneath you.

Unfortunately, Adult Swim was so far off with its schedule this week that many people didn't get to see it because their DVR can only record for so long. I only caught this because I sat down to watch the episode immediately after it had ended and realized that it didn't even start until 10+ minutes into my recording, leaving the last 10 minutes cut off. I reset my DVR to catch the late-night showing, but many of my friends didn't discover the problem until the next day.

Fortunately, you can watch it here.


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