Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Music Library: Consonant, Conspiracy A Go-Go, Constantines, controller.controller, Conway Twitty, Count Basie

I have high hopes of making it through the Cs by the end of this week! So, yes, I have been pushing the envelope lately.

Consonant - Consonant and Love And Affliction. This is Clint Conley of Mission Of Burma's band with Chris Brokaw, who has been a constant in my posts of late, and they are mighty ass-kicking.

Conspiracy A G0-Go - Post Modern Farmer's Almanac. This is my friend Randy's band from back in the 90s. Pure garage-punk energy! Randy's a sculptor of fine banjos now: check it out. And here's his blog, which I'll add to my blogroll over on the right.

Constantines - Shine A Light. Good up-tempo indie rock. They have a little of the Wrens' kitchen-sink approach to arrangement and heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics.

controller.controller - History. One of the Gang Of Four-influenced bands from 2004. Not bad, but not great, either.

Conway Twitty - "It's Only Make Believe." Man, Conway goes for broke on this song. I've been meaning for years to search out more of his stuff.

Count Basie - April In Paris. I need more information on this album. The tracks are clearly taken from a live performance, but I don't know when or where. Basie's orchestra is cooking on the tracks, though.


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