Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music Library: Collins Kids, Comas, Combustible Edison & Esquivel!, Come

The Collins Kids - Hop, Skip and Jump. Teenage brother and sister from the late 50s/early 60s who played killer rockabilly that occasionally slowed down enough to be country. Lorrie Collins sang lead on most tracks, starting from the ripe old age of 13, while her brother, two years younger, played precociously lightning-fast guitar. Sometimes they were joined by the king of lightning-fast guitar of the time, Joe Maphis. This is an amazingly good collection.

The Comas - "Come My Sunshine." A free download from eMusic. This isn't the first Comas track I've heard, but it sounds completely different from the folky tracks of the past. In fact, it sounds like the Dandy Warhols, and I don't care for them or for this track. Deleted.

Combustible Edison & Esquivel! - "Miniskirt." They call it space-age bachelor pad music for a reason.

Come - Eleven: Eleven. Seems like I was just writing about Chris Brokaw last week. This is Brokaw's band with Thalia Zedek and a couple of Athens, GA refugees (including one of the Kilkenny Cats). Their music is a little bluesy (in the same way that Exile On Main Street is a little bluesy), but the guitar interplay and the way the music constantly builds tension without much release (yes, a bit ironic, given their name) is what makes this band.


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