Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Today's been post-a-riffic. To keep my timeless words from being lost, here's some of my contributions to the ongoing music geek smart-ass-a-thon at Peoplesforum.

Worst Possible Band Names:
Death Cab for Marie Curie
Sun Ramen and his Porkestra
The Mask of Napalm Death
Tiggaz With Attitude
Ghostface Phyllis Dillah
The Cardigans of Girthly Delights
Too Much Bjork For Just One Fork
Axl of Evel
I Love You But I’ve Chosen A Horribly Pretentious Band Name
Southern Culture on the Skid Marks

Worst Album Titles:
Kind of Blue Corpse
Pastor of Muppets
Schticky Fingers
It Takes A Nation of Millions to Qualify For Penile Enhancement Surgery Now *** aksjdhuirognekjdlskajhJ!!!

Shortest Books About Music:
Prolegomena to All Future Metaphysics by Ozzy Osbourne
A Charge To Keep by Jakob Dylan
Punk: The Comprehensive History by Avril Lavigne

Worst Possible Movie Titles:
La Dolce Vito Corleone
Dementia 13 Going on 30
McCabe and Mr. Chicken
The Lady Evita
Mutiny on the Booty Call
Bring Me A Tub of Cherry Garcia
Bob & Carol & Tango & Cash
2112: A Rush Odyssey
I Know Why The Caged Heat Sings
They Shoot Horse Whisperers, Don’t They?
White Hunter, Black Gall Bladder
The Good, The Bad, and Their Lawyers
Miss Congenital Herpes
Splendor In the Grass II: Nobody Rides For Free
The Year of Living Pleasantly
I Was A Teenage Wereduck
Girls Gone Wild Bunch!
Bring Me a Head of Arugula, Garcia
Babe III: Pig in the Vichyssoise
Heck is for Heroes
The Magnificent Se7en
They Call Me MISTER Mom
A Grape In the Sun: The Prequel
They Were Extendable: The Stretch Armstrong Story
Hell’s Half Acre and 1/60th of a Mule
Kiss Me, Katie Couric
The Last Rocky Horror Picture Show
I Am Curious (George)
2 Tales 2 Cities
Eat Drink 12 Angry Men 12 Angry Women
Michael Crichton’s Comma
The Hand That Rocks the Hammock
Legal Drama With A Twist
Pretty Wombat
Ernest Kicks It Old-School!
The Scary Bad Guy Who Is Either Omniscient Or Can Move At The Speed Of Light, Or, Possibly, Both
Flat, Unfunny 90 Minutes of Hell Based On Saturday Night Live Skit That Was Too Long At Five Minutes
I Am Curious (Soylent Green)
The Man Who Would Be Queen
Gimme Shelties
I Was A Teenage Henry Kissinger
Remains of the Dizzay
Stop Making Lunch
Four Weddings And a Big-Ass Alimony Payment
Twin Peaks: Moon Walk With Me


Alyssa 10:19 PM, January 26, 2005  

I'm like 95% certain I saw "Ernest Kicks it Old-School" this weekend on Starz!.

Hayden Childs 11:31 AM, January 27, 2005  

That was the one directed by Godard, right?

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