Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The baby room's just about ready, the bags are almost packed, and that baby's big, y'all. We're just over three weeks out from the due date. What's new? Well, I'm nervous and excited, but I think it's safe to say that's what I was feeling months ago, just less intensely. I spent a few hours last night re-reading some of the Bradley method (that's our natural childbirth method) books. Are we really ready? Of course not. But we're working on it.

One of the factoids from the Bradley workbook is that the baby's brain develops more rapidly during this month (the 8th month of pregnancy) than any other time in life. Babymama was too tired last night for me to read to the critter, so I hooked up the baby-bellyphones and listened to music to make the brain work. The albums last night were:

(just "He Loved Him Madly")



JBJ 4:50 PM, January 26, 2005  

Exciting times! Best of luck to both of you.

Hayden Childs 5:35 PM, January 26, 2005  


Unknown 5:09 AM, November 11, 2007  

i was wondering where you acquired your bellyphones.. i am trying to look for some for my wife... thanks

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