Friday, October 31, 2003

Halloween! I didn't bring any spooky music in, but the CD choices in my cube today have been:

* The New Pornographers, Electric Version;
* Iron & Wine, The Creek Drank the Cradle;
* Flaming Lips, The Shambolic Birth and Early Life sampler;
* Macha, See It Another Way; and
* Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

In other news, I've completely avoided finishing my law school application statement in time for the early decision deadline tomorrow. Huzzah! I did get our SXSW application in on time and added some Algonquin Kids' Table pages to the High Hat, so I haven't been completely unproductive. Just mostly.

My wife is dressed as Death from the Sandman comics, so I've taped a bunch of 1040s to a shirt, rented an Uncle Sam hat, and yes, I am going as Taxes.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Very tired today. Played a benefit for Rob Hall last night with the excellent bands Choking Ahogo, Fivehead, Mandible, and Blued. Everything ran late. I stayed only for 3 or 4 songs from Blued, but it was still quite a bit after 1am when Matt & I finally left. That's rough on a work night. I think we made some good money for Rob Hall's medical bills, though, which is great.

There's pictures from the show on the Trouble Down South website.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

High Hat #2 is up! Lots of interlecktshal goodness!

The High Hat

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

TDS at the Red Eyed Fly for Tuesday Happy Hour 7-8

(Enter Two Gentlemen of Waterloo, TX, wasting their leisure time in
the Redde River District.)

Peter: Fo' diggity, Simon. Your vintage tee
emblazoned with Alabama's logo
doth reek of sweet irony. Would that my
white-boy 'fro were as fly. O Woe! O Woe!

Simon: Aye, this ringer is bitchin'. But thy head,
hirsute as it be, rains inspiration
upon the chicks to join thee in thy dorm.
Truly, ours is the best generation.

Peter: Ho! What's this? Are my eyes deceived? Can this
sign rightly say that Trouble Down South plays
the Redde Ey'd Fly Happy Hour on Tuesday?
How happy the hours! How wond'rous the day!

Simon: Fie upon thee, sarcastic man. Who knows?
They may be good, even short a sincere
Chronicle recommendation. Doesn't
"Indie Rock" mean taking risks without fear?

Peter: To you, perhaps. I share not your passion.
For me, it is less music than fashion.

(Exit both Gentlemen strolling stage right towards Emo's. From the
wings appears Roky.)

Roky: As I am a gentle Roky, heed thee
these kind words: Live not by this travesty!
Punk is neither pose nor sense of fashion!
Lord, what fools these indie rocker kids be.

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