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Music Library: Neville Brothers, New Establishment In Soul, New Model Army, New Order, New Pornographers, New Race, New Ruins, New Year

The Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon (1989). While I like the Nevilles, in theory, I've generally thought of them more as a fun live band than something where I'd find much of interest in their studio output.  But I rather like this album with its funky and heartfelt Dylan and Carter Family covers, so maybe, once again, there is a disconnect between things that I think and things that I think I think.

New Establishment In Soul - "Whip It (Pt. 1)."  No idea where I picked up this single, so it must be from a mixtape that fell apart somewhere along the way in my library.  Anyway, it's cooking.

New Model Army - History (The Singles 85-91).  New Model Army were a British post-punk band that I was mostly unfamiliar with before acquiring this from a friend.  And it's ok, but it doesn't really inspire me to seek out more.  I can hear elements of the Mekons and the Jam here, but I think the Mekons and the Jam did it better.

New Order - Substance (recorded 1981-1986).  I enjoy some electronica and dance tracks, but it's just not something I prefer to listen to, for the most part.  While I really like Joy Division, I enjoy New Order in more limited doses.  That said, "Ceremony" is a killer track, and I really like how many of these songs are named after movies that I love.  But I was ready to bail on this after five or six songs, and sticking out the whole double-album experience was definitely pushing on my tolerance level.

The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic (2000), Electric Version (2003), Twin Cinema (2005), Challengers  (2007), and Together (2010).  After all of that mopey dance rock, I was quite ready for The New Pornographers' power pop.  They're basically The Cars of indie rock, with synth-drenched hook, singalongs, and ostentatious lyrics that mix the silly with the sublime.  My favorite is the second, Electric Version, but all five are excellent.  Considering how emotional Dan Bejar's work with Destroyer is, it's surprising that his songs match so well with Carl Newman's little pop masterpieces.  And Neko Case's vocals are welcome in any context.  So, what the hey, here's a link to one of their recent videos, directed by the hilarious Tom Scharpling with pretty much everyone who is awesome appearing in it.

While I'm at it, here's a version of "The Laws Have Changed" from Letterman in 2003.  No Dan Bejar, but it does have the gorgeous Neko Case tearing it up throughout.

New Race - The First and The Last (1982).  A supergroup no one ever heard of, New Race combines guitarist Ron Asheton of the Stooges and drummer Dennis Thompson of MC5 with three members of the venerable Aussie punk band Radio Birdman, including guitarist Deniz Tek and singer Rob Younger (I forgot the bassist's name and am too lazy at the moment to look it up).  On fire throughout.

New Ruins - "Ships."  No idea where I picked this single up. It's pretty good, though.

The New Year - Newness Ends (2001), The End Is Near (2004), and The New Year (2008). Picking up where Bedhead left off, The New Year sees the Kadane brothers (on vocals/guitar and drums) adding some friends (including Josh McKay of Macha and Chris Brokaw of Come and Consonant) and making more betterer songs in their signature style of being simultaneously loud as hell without losing  their appealing mopey and sleepy quality.  As long as I'm sharing video clips, here's a video for "The End's Not Near" from their second album.  From the looks of it, it was made at the old Austin airport near my house back in TX.  My band Parks & Wildlife made pictures there, too.  All of that stuff is gone now.


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