Friday, August 05, 2011

Music Library: Nas, Nat King Cole, National, National Lampoon, Ned Miller, Neal Merryweather

Nas - Illmatic (1994) and Al-matic (Nas/Al Green mashup, 2008).  Hey, this Illmatic album is pretty good! I wonder if anyone else noticed it.  The mashup is good clean fun, too.

Nat King Cole - "Nature Boy."  A favorite song around my house.  I thought I had a whole album of NKC tracks, but apparently, nope.  Just this one.

The National - Alligator (2005), Boxer (2007), The Virginia EP (2008), and High Violet (2010). So here's the thing I figured out while listening to these albums.  I really like "Fake Empire" off of Boxer.  Everything else is only ok.  It seems sort of excessive that I have three albums and an EP by a band with only one song that I really like, doesn't it?

National Lampoon - National Lampoon's Radio Dinner (1972). This albums sounds like the 1960s killing itself.  It is satirizing the excesses of late 60s/early 70s pop culture, but I have to admit that a lot of the jokes bounced off me.  Not being a boomer, I'm a little bulletproof to this.

Ned Miller - From A Jack To A King (1957). Right on the edge of country and rockabilly, Ned Miller's album is straight-up fun.

Neal Merryweather - "Escape."  Rockin' glam-rock tune from the heart of the Canadian 1970s.


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