Saturday, June 26, 2010

Music Library: Mahalia Jackson, Man Man, Manduka, Manitas De Plata, Manu Chao, Map of Africa, Marco Benevento, Marconi Notaro, Marek Stefanski, Marianne Faithfull

Sorry for the continued brevity.  I'm way behind on these reviews and finding myself almost too tired to do them.

Mahalia Jackson - Gospels, Spirituals, and Hymns (released 1991) and Amazing Grace (released 2003).  Amazing voice, amazing soul music.

Man Man - The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face (2004), Six Demon Bag (2006), and Rabbit Habits (2008).  Tom Waits-y carnivalesque indie rock.  The last one references Moby Dick a few times.

Manduka - Manduka (1972) and Los Sueños de América (with Los Jaivas, 1974). Psychedelic Brazilian music.  Heavy!

Manitas De Plata with Manero Baliardo - "Tarantas."  From an album called Gypsy Flamenco, which is what this is.

Manu Chao - Siberie M'etait Conteee (2005).  Chao has a reputation for his third-world punk, but I'm not familiar enough with his music to know why.

Map of Africa - Map of Africa (2007).  ZZ Top-ish blues rock from a couple of guys best known as DJs.

Marco Benevento - Best Reason To Buy The Sun (as The Benevento/Russo Duo, 2005) and Invisible Baby (2008).  In the organ-driven, jambandish vein of Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Benevento's music is ostensibly jazz, but it's that sort of 70s jazz-funk that is basically rock music these days.

Marconi Notaro - No Sub Reino Dos Metazoários (1973).  Brazilian guitar music with a heavily psychedelic drone that is more than a little reminiscent of Six Organs of Admittance.

Marek Stefanski - "Toccata i fuga d-moll BMV 565." Everyone knows this little piece of music.  Think The Phantom of the Opera.

Marianne Faithfull - "Strange Weather." Melancholy song from the later career of the Zelig-like Faithfull.


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