Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Music Library Catch-Up: The Clientele, The Fall, Harvey Milk

The Clientele - A Fading Summer EP (2000), Lost Weekend EP (2002), and Ariadne EP (2004).  Nothing too surprising here: shimmery vibrato guitars, wistful lyrics, beautiful artsy music.

The Fall - The Legendary Chaos Tape (1980), 45 84 89 B Sides (1984-1989), The Dredger EP (1990), The Twenty Seven Points (1995), Backdrop (2000), 2G+2 (2002), and Your Future Our Clutter (2010).  These are live albums, collections, EPs, live albums + random studio tracks, and the last, which is the new Fall studio album.  I'm not going to review most of these, which are for obsessives only, but the new studio album is pretty amazing.

Harvey Milk - A Small Turn Of Human Kindness (2010).  This sludgy album is more of a piece than most other HM albums, so much so that I can hardly tell when one song ends and another begins.  Brilliant stuff, but I haven't heard it enough yet to know how to understand it.


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