Sunday, May 02, 2010

Music Library: Link Wray, Little Richard, and Little Willie John

It's all top-notch rock-and-roll today!

Link Wray - Mr. Guitar (1963-1965), Missing Links Vol 1: Hillbilly Wolf, Missing Links Vol. 2: Big City After Dark, Missing Links Vol. 3: Some Kinda Nut, Missing Links Vol. 4: Streets of Chicago (original release dates unknown).  Link Ray and his powerful howlin' wind guitar played surf music like a thug and protopunk rockabilly like an angel.  Mr. Guitar is a phenomenal collection with two discs of pure Wray.  The Missing Links collections contain a bunch of tracks from all over Wray's career including him as a sideman, him as a crooning rockabilly king, and then some great first-rate Wray.  Four extra discs of outtakes and singles might seem like too much, but as it turns out, it's just right.

Little Richard - 22 Classic Cuts (1956-1965) and Rock Story (1965).  Little Richard was the king.  You listen to the classic Little Richard singles and there is no doubt.

Little Willie John - Fever: The Best Of (1955-1963).  Little Willie John had a one of those golden voices that are like honey mixed with single malt scotch.  Every song on this collection is a killer.


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