Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Book No. 10: Allyson Beatrice - Will The Vampire People Please Leave The Lobby?

This is the second catch-up book post. Beatrice is someone I virtually know via one of the online communities she mentions here.

This is a breezy book about fandom in the early 21st century. Beatrice recounts how she left her unsatisfying corporate job and moved across the country to look for happiness in LA. She met a few people through the Buffy The Vampire Slayer fansite The Bronze. Then she becomes involved with fan activism and eventually forms lasting friendships with other posters and some of the show's (and other shows that emerged from it) writers.

Beatrice is an entertaining writer, not just funny and insightful but willing to lay her heart bare in pursuit of the truth. Her kindness shines through the pages, and she has enough ironic distance from herself to understand when she's being - as she puts it - a jerk, although I don't know that anyone who knows her online persona would describe her that way. Anyway, as a diehard nerd who loved the mix of whimsy and brutality that made shows like Buffy and Angel and Firefly and Wonderfalls and (now) Pushing Daisies - excuse me, that mix that made these shows so special, I certainly enjoyed her adventures and recommend them to others like me.


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