Saturday, February 09, 2008

I've had the flu for the last week, five days & six nights of aching, chilly, fevery, snotty misery.
The upside is that I slept approximately 70% of it. The downside was being awake occasionally.

Anyway, I have several books to review, but I'm not up to it yet. In the meantime, you should read Leonard's dispatches from the Conservative Political Action Conference because he is braver than you or I and his tolerance for bullshit is profound.

The Beast Is Red

Chapter 1: An American God

Chapter 2: Invisible Asia

Chapter 3: You Shan't Go Home Again

Chapter 4: In a Mad Frenzy, Stinging Themselves to Eternal Death

Chapter 5: Soy un Perdidor

Chapter 6: She Don't Like, She Don't Like, She Don't Like...McCain

Chapter 7: Holding a Shard of Mirror Up to Nature's Throat

Chapter 8: Twice Presented Him a Kingly Crown

Chapter 9: Brought Me to Darkness, But Not Into Light

Chapter 10: The Sugar and the Shit

Chapter 11: Pestilence Goes for the Big Laff

Chapter 12: Show Us Your Twits

Chapter 13: Getaway


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