Friday, February 29, 2008

Music Library: Al Green, Al Tuck, Albert Ayler, Albert King, Alejandro Escovedo

Al Green - Compact Command Performances: 14 Greatest Hits. It's the Reverend Al Green. It's fantastic. I should have more from the man than these 14 songs.

Al Tuck and No Action - "One Day The Warner" and "Buddah". Relaxed, slightly sarcastic acoustic-y stuff somewhere between Dan Hicks and M. Ward. I think they're from a mix I got from an online friend. I like the first song better than the second.

Albert Ayler - Spiritual Unity. Yeah, that's brilliant.

Albert Ayler - Live in Greenwich Village: The Complete Impulse Sessions. Damn.

Albert King - "Killing Floor". I'm not a big fan of the blues. One Albert King song is all I need. He sounds like you think he sounds. You've heard it before.

Alejandro Escovedo - Thirteen Years. Escovedo's an odd duck. He's often lumped in with the alt-country/No Depression guys, but his work seems best when channeling John Cale's chamber-folk albums of the 70s and worst when he lets loose the aw-shucks country-blues guitar. I'll pick up next time with a few more Escovedo albums.


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