Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Just saw that the House is ending the prohibition on mentioning the Senate or Senators by name, which dates back to Jefferson's term as Vice President. Between this, the removal of ethics laws pertaining to remaining in the leadership while under indictment, the threatened end of the august filibuster, the deliberate choice to use torture as a method of coercion to political prisoners (and what can those people at Guatanamo possibly know at this point? They've been in freakin' jail for 3 years!), these fuckers are demonstrating their contempt for not just the Laws of the Land but the careful system of checks and balances as laid out by our Founding Fathers. HOW CAN PEOPLE VOTE FOR THESE HYPOCRITES? Why do I have to wonder whether someone from the opposition party is even going to comment on this? How is it that no one slouching towards the side of the angels has grown some goddamn stones? Why is it even a possibility that they will capitulate to the most morally corrupt group of yahoos and know-nothings to infiltrate our government in the last century? And again, why do I even have to say this? It should be a goddamn given that the Democrats will make an issue of this. I'd tell you to watch for the response, but the silence would only break your heart.


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