Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obscurity Interview #1: Hayden Childs

Yesterday I received advance copies of the upcoming novella of music criticism Shoot Out The Lights by some joker with the unlikely name of Hayden Childs. The book is told from the perspective of one Virgil Schlage, a failed musician obsessed with Richard Thompson because of the parallels Schlage perceives in their lives. During the course of the novella, Schlage is driving north along the Eastern Seaboard to repay a final debt to his ex-wife while he listens to and considers Shoot Out The Lights, the album he associates with his divorce and the end of his musical career.

Our From Here To Obscurity correspondent recently sat down with Mr. Childs, who eyed us shiftily as he stuffed his pockets with the complimentary cheese and crackers.

Obscurity: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Mr. Childs.

Childs: (murmurs unintelligibly while fumbling with his cell-phone)

Obscurity: We're in the same room, Mr. Childs. You don't have to text-message me.

Childs: (via text-message) Is ths rom safe?

Obscurity: Um. Ok, well... Could you speak about your book? Why did you write about Richard Thompson?

Childs: (whispering) Can I have some Chicken-in-a-Biskets?

Obscurity: I'll get my people right on that. But first, Richard Thompson - I think you'll agree - is a fascinating musician, and Shoot Out The Lights is arguably his darkest album. Why did you want to write about that particular album?

Childs: (louder) Is there more cheese?

Obscurity: NO! NO! NO!

Childs: You don't have to yell.

Obscurity: Say something about Richard Thompson, you (unintelligible) idiot!

Childs: Who?

Obscurity: Aren't you Hayden Childs?

Childs: Who?



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