Thursday, August 07, 2014

Music Library Compilations: As

I'm not really going to review my compilation albums unless they need it. I will, however, list them. It's the least I can do, literally. Well, almost. I suppose I could also do nothing. But this is a blog post, which is almost the same thing. After some consideration, I'm not including friend-made samplers because it's just too complicated to mention what's on them, but there are quite a few of those, too. Five here in the As.

Absolutely Kosher 2002 Sampler. Best track: The Extra Glenns - "Baltimore."

Achoo! An Asthmatic Kitty Sampler, Vol. 2 (2007). Best track: Half-Handed Cloud - "Sailing The Veil-Boat."

Acute eMusic Sampler (2006). Best track: Theoretical Girls - "Computer Dating."

Adult Swim Singles Program 2010. Best track: High On Fire - "Speak In Tongues."

Adult Swim Singles Program 2011. Best track: Cerebral Ballzy (name: ugh) - "On The Run."

Adult Swim Singles Program 2012. Best track: Wye Oak - "Spiral."

Adult Swim Singles Program 2013. Best track: Captain Murphy feat Viktor Vaughn, Earl Sweatshirt and Thundercat - "Between Villains."

Adult Swim Singles Program 2014. Still ongoing. Best track so far: Sleep - "The Clarity."

African Swim (2008). Another [adult swim] compilation, this one featuring African hip-hop. Best track: GUMSHEV - "Matha."

AK79 (1979). This is a compilation of New Zealand punk from 1979. Best track: Toy Love - "Toy Love Song."

American Primitive, Vol. I: Rare Pre-War Gospel, 1926-36. No best track. They're all phenomenal.

American Primitive, Vol. II: Pre-War Revenants 1897-1939. All good again.

The American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush? (2003). These are the songs where people would send in their poetry throughout the 60s and 70s and a group of very game LA session musicians would throw it down on vinyl. There are so many great songs here. And there are some that are unambiguously ironic. This is one of both.

The American Song-Poem Christmas: Daddy, Is Santa Really Six-Foot-Four? (2003). These are less engaging, but there's a few standouts. The following has been covered by Yo La Tengo.

Angola Prison Spirituals (1959). Gut-wrenching religious songs by prisoners in dire circumstances.

I Eat Records 2005 Sampler: Appetizers and Leftovers. Sampler from a pretty great defunct Austin label with tracks from Okkervil River, Phosphorescent, and Shearwater. Lotsa great tracks from bands that no longer exist, but the only one I can find on youtube is the Okkervil River track.

ATL RMX (2009). Another [adult swim] compilation, this one featuring remixed hip-hop tracks from Atlanta. Best track: Young Jeezy - "I Got This (Remix by El-P)."


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