Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Music Library Catch-Up: Annuals, Ayler, Azeem, Band of Susans, Barzelay, Bee Vs. Moth, Jorge Ben, Chuck Berry

More catch-up albums.  Remember, I'm being brief as possible with these!

Annuals - Sweet Sister EP (2010).  I hadn't checked in with The Annuals since 2006's Be He Me, which I liked a lot.  This EP is chock full of fun folk-based indie pop, and I definitely intend to listen to more of their music when I can.

Albert Ayler - Witches And Devils (1964), Vibrations (1964), New York Eye And Ear Control (1965), and Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe (1969).  More powerful, emotional, and haunted free jazz from the brilliant sax player.

Azeem - Show Business (2004).  I had a track or two from this album before, but I've picked up the rest of the album in the meantime.  And, yep, still good.

Band Of Susans - Blessing And Curse EP (1987).  A lucky find!  Great little EP from a fantastic band.

Eef Barzelay - Bitter Honey (2006) and Lose Big (2008).  I thought that the difference between a Barzelay album and a Clem Snide album was that the former would be all acoustic, but Lose Big isn't. In fact, Lose Big sounds almost identical to a Clem Snide album.  Either way, both of these are fine albums from a clever and funny songwriter.

Bee Vs. Moth - Acronyms (2010).  This is the sophomore album from my favorite real fake jazz band from Austin, and it's no slump.  It swings, sings, rocks, and brings in a welcome dose of jagged, noisy guitar.

Jorge Ben - Africa Brasil (1976). Funky Brazilian pop.  Rod Stewart apparently stole the melody to one of these songs for "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?".

Chuck Berry - The Great Twenty-Eight (1955-1965). Delivers exactly what it promises.


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