Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Library: My Bloody Valentine and My Education

My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy And Wine (1987), You Made Me Realise EP (1988), Feed Me With Your Kiss EP (1988), Isn't Anything (1988), Glider EP (1990), Tremolo EP (1991), Loveless (1991), and Loom: Live In Toronto 1992.  It's hard to believe that all of this music spans only five years.  Ecstasy And Wine is a fine compilation of two EPs from 1987, and it sounds like a pretty good indie rock band playing pretty good music.  Strangely enough, You Made Me Realise is also only pretty good, although the title track would later become one of the major experiential moments of indie rock music.  Feed Me With Your Kiss and Isn't Anything are both incremental leaps forward.  Glider, however, is a enormous leap forward.  MBV went from good indie rock into something that was theirs and theirs alone.  None of the other shoegazer bands had this slippery mix of volume, tremolo, and out-of-phase sounds with layers and layers of guitars.  Tremolo continues this, and Loveless just blows it all out of the water.  The Loom bootleg is, like so many bootlegs, kind of a bust.  "You Made Me Realise," in which MBV unleashes an ungodly loud sound that pushes the edges of human tolerance, must be experienced to be understood. On the bootleg, it's just white noise.

My Education - Sunrise (2010).  I forgot that I reviewed this already.  Quite positively.


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