Saturday, December 04, 2010

Music Library: The Mendoza Line, Menomena, Mercury Rev

Pardon my brevity.  I have a lot of catch-up that I'm hoping to accomplish over the next few weeks.

The Mendoza Line - I Like You When You're Not Around (1999), We're All In This Alone (2000), Lost In Revelry (2002), If They Knew This Was The End (2003), Fortune (2004), Full Of Light And Full Of Fire (2005), and Thirty Year Low/Final Reflections Of The Legendary Malcontent (2007).  Named for the lowest batting average one can have and still remain in the major leagues, the Mendoza Line featured several different songwriters who all shared an affinity for mopey and literate folk-based songwriters who tend to top the best-of lists for rock geeks.  There's a certain sameness in listening to all of their albums at once like this, but it's my kind of sameness, if you follow me, and when you drill down to pay attention to the lyrics and craft in each song, there's moments of startling beauty and power. Great band, much missed around these parts.  I should mention that their pedal steel guru John Troutman is a pal of mine.  Hi, John!

Menomena - Wet And Rusting EP and Friend And Foe (both 2007).  Excellent indie pop band.  They have a follow-up, but somehow I've never made the leap.  Standouts: "Wet and Rusting," "Rotten Hell," and "Evil Bee."  Great videos for the latter two of these.

Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs (1998) and Snowflake Midnight (2008).  The former is lovely psychedelia.  The latter I like much less.


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