Thursday, February 11, 2010

Music Library: Kirk Kelly, Kiss, Kissinger, Kiwi Animal

Kirk Kelly - Go Man Go (1988).  Anti-folk from SST, which means that it has punk attitude and an acoustic guitar.  Kelly's a good songwriter and this is an unjustly ignored album.

Kiss - Kiss (1974), Hotter Than Hell (1974), Dressed To Kill (1975), Alive! (1975), Destroyer (1976), Rock And Roll Over (1976), Love Gun (1977), Alive II (1977), Ace Frehley (1978), and Dynasty (1979).  I don't want to break all these out and talk about each individual album.  It's hard to imagine a more ridiculous band than Kiss, even though they're sorta modeled on the Beatles (four cheeky young lads, each with his own cult of personality, all of whom write and sing, y'know).  Kiss songs, especially in the early days, are very well composed and have a sort of danceable boogie to them, even though they are matched with some of the most wonderfully silly and stupid lyrics imaginable.  Transcendentally stupid, even.  The same could be said for Paul Stanley's stage patter, which is so delightfully brainless that some of my friends and I can always crack each other up with a well-placed quote.  You know who you are.  All of this makes it sound like I don't take Kiss all that seriously.  I hope that the 10 albums I have prove that I take Kiss just seriously enough.

Kissinger - "Consider Bridgette."  Pretty good pop-punk song from an Austin band.  I think they're not around anymore.

The Kiwi Animal - Music Media (1984).  Lo-fi weirdo folk band from New Zealand.  This album is actually pretty wonderful, somewhat like outsider bands like The Godz and somewhat like the cracked psychedelia of Syd Barrett.


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