Monday, October 20, 2008


Dear Readers, Writers, Friends of the High Hat, and Those Anxiously Awaiting Our Imminent Demise:

Time is the subject of the High Hat Issue 10, and Time has been our enemy this year. We the editors have been so involved in our personal projects this year that we have consistently allowed the next promised issue to take a backseat to our other endeavors. This is a less-than-ideal situation, naturally.

Therefore, it is with all due apologies that we hereby inform you that Issue 10 IS forthcoming. In fact, we want to expand it to the heretofore-unseen DOUBLE ISSUE.

This DOUBLE ISSUE will be published in December 2008. We will feature our current articles on Time, and we proudly expand our special feature idea to include The End Of An Era. Call it Death if you must. In fact, call it Death anyway, but don't be literal.

Time and Death. Has a certain ring to it, yes?

This special topic will and must include articles about politics (apparently there is some sort of political shindig in the USA at the moment), personal loss, doors closing while others open, that sort of thing.

Pitch now! Write soon! Publish in December! Contact us at highhatsubmissionsATgmailDOTcom.


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