Monday, September 15, 2008

A Dairy Queen on another planet...

I dreamt last night that a friend of mine (Tom Block, if you're curious) was explaining to a group of us how Blazing Saddles was the most relevant movie to the American political landscape of 2008. I woke thinking: hey, maybe he's right. The townfolk were terrified of the competent sheriff because of his race. He converted the washup gunshooter into a formidable sidekick. The other side is more problematic. Is McCain the equivalent to the governor and Palin the Snidely Whiplash character? Or is McCain the Whiplash and Palin the guy played by Slim Pickens? And who's Lili Von Schtupp in all of this? Or Mongo? I should have questioned dream-Tom about this better. And real-Tom is, I'm sure, mortified that I attributed this dreck to him. Sorry, man!


Joe Victor 1:46 PM, September 15, 2008  

Judging from a lot of people's comments, it seems that Sarah Palin is Lili Von Schtupp.

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