Monday, June 11, 2007

Phil Nugent takes Sam Brownback out to the woodshed in one of the best deconstructions of modern political realities I've ever read.

Also, Dana Stevens brings up some good points about her knock on Knocked Up. Unfortunately, I still don't buy the central premise that because Roe vs. Wade is under attack, a filmmaker with a pregnant character has an obligation to address abortion head-on. I think she's right in saying that too many movies give it short shrift as an option, and probably so because of concerns about turning off a certain segment of their audience. However, there's a huge leap from the notion that movies in general should be more mindful about what abortion rights mean to women and that this movie in particular should have tried to deal with it. The fact that this character in this movie didn't seriously mull over aborting this (fictional) fetus doesn't justify a bizarro inverse theory that any woman who has had an abortion has committed a horrible act. The mopes she mentions over at the National Review and the Atlantic Monthly who are politicizing a fictional young woman's choice in a fictional comedy of manners that is, as I might have mentioned, a work of fiction: these are the jokers committing an act of regrettable behavior.


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