Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Let me draw your attention to two of my favorite links over there on the right.

Over at Clown Central Station, Leonard Pierce (aka The Kong of Clowns) makes right-wing punditry look like the clown car that it is by (and get this, because it's brilliant) taking the blowhards at their word. He treats them like the words they write actually mean what they say, and instantly - poof! - they are revealed as petty half-wits. The man is in the same league as Colbert or the Daily Show, which I don't say lightly.

Meanwhile, over at Boy On A Stick And Slither, Steven L. Cloud has created the most thoughtful and funny comic strip since Calvin & Hobbes. OK, since I'm out on a limb, I think it's actually better than Calvin & Hobbes in some ways. Take some time and flip through the archives.


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