Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A friend who works as a pollster reported that he had this conversation yesterday:

Q: "I just have a few prepared questions I'd like to ask you about your experiences during and after the hurricane...So, at any time since the storm, did you have any trouble sleeping?"

A. "Fuck yeah, I had trouble sleeping! Man, I was in fuckin' jail when it hit, and man, when the waters come in the building, them motherfuckers left me there to die! Man, me and these other poor souls, we were locked in these cells, I can hear them other brothers moanin' and cryin', and the goddamn water starts spillin' into my cell, three feet of fuckin' water in there and me no way to get out, you think I'm gonna go to sleep!? Man, I was up there yelling into the wall, hopin' somebody would hear me, come and help. We were in there three days, prayin' to God that water wouldn't rise no further while we's waiting for somebody to come let us out, nothing to eat, and afraid to go to sleep for fear we'd fuckin' drown. And then the second day I look up and see them fuckin' water moccasins twisting and sliding across the surface of the water, and as it's going past my cell, one of them evil mothers turns and looks at me, like it's, I don't even like to think about it. So, my man, what's your next question?"

Q. " any time after the hurricane, did you ever feel nervous or edgy?"


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