Thursday, January 26, 2006

The word is out. I will be writing a book about Richard & Linda Thompson's Shoot Out The Lights album for the excellent 33 1/3 series. And man! The other submissions look fantastic. I'm especially looking forward to David Smay's take on Swordfishtrombones and the book on Marquee Moon.


Pacze Moj 11:37 AM, January 26, 2006  

Congratulations! If it's your first time being published, congratulations twice!

I haven't heard the album, but I'll check it out as soon as I can.

Hayden Childs 11:47 AM, January 26, 2006  

Thanks! I've contributed to another book (Lost In The Grooves), but this is the first time I'm flying solo, so thanks twice!

That's a stealth bomb album, too. I was underwhelmed the first time I heard it because of the (relative, natch) hype, but about the 2nd or 3rd time, I realized that it was not just Richard Thompson's strongest work, but the most devastating break-up album ever recorded.

Hayden Childs 11:48 AM, January 26, 2006  

Thanks, Mags! Yeah, I'm excited by the list, too. Especially Swordfishtrombones and Marquee Moon.

Maggie Osterberg 11:48 AM, January 26, 2006  


Congrats, Hayden!!!! That's really cool. And the list of new books has some of my favorite albums on it!!!


Hayden Childs 11:48 AM, January 26, 2006  

Weird. Those last two posts went out of order.

Kim 11:32 PM, January 26, 2006  

Congrats, Hayden! I can't wait to see where you go with this. Any thoughts yet on how you might approach the album?

Hayden Childs 3:18 PM, January 27, 2006  

Hey, Kim! Thanks for the kind words here & elsewhere on the internets.

I'm definitely intending to write a more historical narrative, much like your book and the one on the Kinks. My plan is to intersperse a track-by-track discussion of the album with the history of its creation and to talk a bit about how the Thompsons made better music when they were attempting to make more commercial music.

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